How to find a reliable cosmetic packaging in China
2018-03-28 22:26:19

This is popular question among the buyer.  Once a time, I saw a message asking for help. An European buyer is publishing an inquiry on a popular business net for an unique product, sort of cosmetic packaging. Very soon, a man from somewhere sent comment: ask PRC, they make everything.  (PRC=People's Republic of China) .

It is humor for me, and it is true.  Chinese people can make everything as long as you provide a drawing, design, an idea etc..

The prolific supplies come with the question of choosing the reliable suppliers.

Frankly speaking, if you want to buy from China profitably and successfully, you need to learn about the regionality affecting the material or sources.

For example, if you’re looking for mechanical, you’d better search from ShangHai, where you can get high-quality machines with profitable price.

If what you require is cosmetic packaging with good quality and competitive price, the best option is GuangDong area. This kind of product is also very universal in ZheJiang, but generally its signed as low quality with low price.

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