As a professional aluminum collapsible tubes supplier, Beauty Sky Packaging (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd provide full range size from 13.5mm–40mm, include:13.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm. There are many options for nozzle, caps, and decoration, printing.

Why you should choose Beauty Sky as your supplier?

Most of employees in Beauty Sky are more than 5years; Most of workers in factory are more than 5years too; Our professional experience can make your concept to launch, enhance your brand value with our 24x7 service team! 

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High Quality Aluminum

All aluminum tubes are extruded from 99.7% minimum purity aluminum slugs, mainly import from Austria which is top quality in China.


• Cold seal or darex/ bottom latex seal can be added to ensure proper adhesion when crimped and to protect from corrosion
• We offer closed, open, custom made necks, or break-off tips for single-use or sampling tubes
• Plastic onsert are available
• Adhesive, super-glue systems are available
• We have a complete line of caps and dispensing closures to match your products’ requirements.

• Inside of the tubes can be lined with internal lacquer (Epoxy resin) to insure product compatibility and maximum shelf life

Details for Aluminum collapsible tubes


Aluminum Collapsible Tubes


Aluminum Purity>99.7%


13.5mm to 40mm

Tube Length

60-200mm, length can be customized based on different diameter

Tube Volume

3.5ml – 200ml

Internal Lacquer

No lacquer /Gold color epoxy resin/ Beige color epoxy resin/ Transparent color epoxy resin

Exterior Lacquer

White, silver, golden or other colors as requests, to achieve the perfect printing effect


Offset printing up to 6C or 4C paper label on tube

Bottom Latex

Apply or not, just depends on requirements

Nozzle Design

With membrane, open end, elongate nozzle, based on the customers’ requirements


Screw caps or Stand up (top-slip) caps,long nozzle cap,mushroom cap,various designs

Screw Thread


Tube Shoulder

Plain,Polished,Grooved,White Coated


Why you should choose aluminum tubes for packaging?

Lightweight: Compared to other materials, the weight to content ratio is advantageous
Resistant: Naturally watertight, airtight and anticorrosive, aluminium packaging protects from harmful elements
Neutral: Aluminium packaging neither affects taste nor health, and preserves flavour and aromas with no harmful side effects
Adaptable: As opposed to other materials, aluminium tube can accommodate product of both corrosive and non-corrosive nature

Recyclable: Aluminium Tubes are easily recyclable and required very little energy when recreating recycled products. The general qualities of aluminium are long lasting

Aluminum Widely Usage:

• Pharmaceuticals

• Toiletries and cosmetics

• Adhesives and rubber solutions

• Paints and Inks

• Food products

• Creams for skin, body
• Ointment for eyes
• Gels for skin
• Hand cream
• Toothpaste
• Hair color cream/ Hair dye
• Shaving cream
• Cold cream
• Shampoos
• Herbal cosmetics
• Face cream
• Body Cream
• Foot Cream
• Adhesives
• Glues
• Sealants
• Silicone RTV sealants
• Scratches remover
• Cyano-acrylates
• Rubber solutions
• Lubricants
• Duplication inks
• Colour paints
• Oil Colours
• Water Colours
• Pigment
• Children watercolor
• Artists’ oil
• Egg temper
• Artistical Packaging Tubes
• Chocolate
• Butter
• Cheese spread
• Mustard
• Honey
• Condensed milk
• Tomato Ketchup
• Jams and jellies
• Mayonnaise
• Caviar
• Chilli sauce
• Pets’ food

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    Free Sample provided Collapsible Aluminum Tubes Packaging

    Beauty Sky is a professional and reliable supplier for various Aluminum Packaging Tubes.Our factory import good materials from Austria and process the products under Clean production enviromental GMP plant. We have gained much reputation. You won't wanna miss us as your supplier. Free Aluminum plain sample will be provided in 3 days

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    13.5mm--40mm Pharmaceutical Ointment Packaging Aluminum tubes

    All tubes are produced in GMP workshop and used in Pharmaceuticals ointment, Gels, cream,  like Eye cream, Medicine for skin disease, Dermatitis flat,Burn ointment Name Aluminum CollapsibleTubes Material Aluminum Purity>99.7%. from Austria Diameter 13.5mm Tube Length 60-90mm Tube Volume 3.5ml - 5ml Internal Lacquer Epoxy resin Roller Coating White or other colors as customized Printing 1C--6C printing Bottom Latex Applied or not depends on requirements Nozzle Design With membrane, open end, elongate nozzle, based on the requirements Caps Screw caps or long nozzle cap,mushroom cap Screw Thread M7 Tube Shoulder Polished Whatever requests you need,we will try our best to meet!

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