Why Aluminum tubes?
2019-10-25 16:34:19

Why people choose aluminum tubes for packaging?

1. The aluminum tube can be printed to six colors, and the beautiful printing with the color of aluminum makes the aluminum tube look more high-grade.

2. The aluminum tube can be folded till the last drop of the container, no waste
3. Aluminum material is a green recycal material, which meet international environmental requirements for materials.
4. Aluminum material does not rust, its oxide is non-toxic, its light-shielding property is good, and it has excellent moisture and gas barrier properties.
5. Good processing performance, no resilience, high thermal conductivity, good ductility, sealing, and sufficient protection for the contents.
6. The manufacturing process of aluminum tubes is simple and not easy to break.
7. It is easy to use, store, transport, environmentally friendly, durable, beautiful, easy to identify and so on.
8. The aluminum tube with internal lacquer is not easy to react with the contains and does not change the performance of the packaged items.
9. Aluminum tube must be produced from new aluminum materials, so there are no unsafe problems caused by recycled materials.

10. Aluminum tube can be matched with various covers to meet customer's product requirements.


Therefore, aluminum is the most commonly used metal in packaging materials. The BEAUTY SKY's aluminum tubes are also favored by many brands because of its high quality.



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