Beauty Exhibition Extension Summary
2020-06-10 10:53:20

Global beauty exhibition extension summary

Currently, affected by the epidemic, more than 20 beauty exhibitions around the world will make postponement adjustments or reserve booths until the next year. Here we sort out the situations as follows:

1. Atlanta International Beauty Show
Bronner Bros
Venue: Atlanta, USA
Original time: 2020.2.8-10
Extension time: 2020.8.8-10

2.Beauty Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany
Beauty Dusseldorf
Venue: Dusseldorf, Germany
Original time: 2020.3.6-08
Extension time: 2020.9.18-20

3. New York International Beauty Show

Location: New York, USA
Original time: 2020.3.8-10
Extension time: 2020.8.1-3

4. Italy Bologna International Beauty Exhibition
Venue: Bologna, Italy
Original time: 2020.3.12-16
Postponement time: Spring 2021

5. Dubai Laser Beauty Show
Dubai Derma
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Original time: 2020.03.16-18
Extension time: 2021.3.2-4

6. London Beauty Show
Professional Beauty
Venue: London, United Kingdom
Original time: 2020.3.29-30
Extension time: 2020.10.11-12

7. European Cosmetics Raw Materials Exhibition
Venue: Barcelona, Spain
Original time: 2020.3.31-4.2
Extension time: 2020.10.6-8

8. Indonesia International Beauty Exhibition
Indo Beauty Expo
Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia
Original time: 2020.4.2-4
Extension time: 2021.4.22-24

9. Beauty Show in Poznan, Poland
Beauty Vision
Venue: Poznan, Poland
Original time: 2020.4.4-5
Extension time: 2020.9.12-15

10. Vietnam Ho Chi Minh International Beauty Exhibition
Cosmobeauty Vietnam
Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Original time: 2020.4.16-18
Extension time: 2021.3.24-26

11. Tokyo Beauty Show
Beauty World Japan
Venue: Tokyo, Japan
Original time: 2020.4.20-22
Extension time: 2021.5.17-19

12. Korea International Beauty Exhibition
Cosmobeauty Seoul
Venue: Seoul, South Korea
Original time: 2020.4.23-25
Extension time: 2021.5.5-7

13. Russian Professional Beauty Exhibition
Intercharm Pro
Venue: Moscow, Russia
Original time: 2020.4.23-25
Extension time: 2020.10.28-31

14. Dubai Beauty Show
Beautyworld Middle East
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Original time: 2020.5.31-6.1
Extension time: 2020.11.23-25

15. Philippine Beauty Show
Venue: Manila, Philippines
Original time: 2020.6.9-11
Extension time: 2021.6.9-11

16. German Beauty Packaging Industry Exhibition
Venue: Munich, Germany
Original time: 2020.6.17-18
Extension time: 2020.9.30-10.1

17. Turkish Beauty Development
Beauty Eurasia
Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
Original time: 2020.6.18-20
Extension time: 2020.11.25-27

18. Las Vegas Beauty Show
COSMOPROF North America Las Vegas
Venue: Las Vegas, United States
Original time: 2020.6.28-30
Extension time: 2020.9.20-22

19. India Beauty Show
Venue: Mumbai, India
Original time: 2020.9.2-4
Extension time: 2020.10.29-31

20. Ukraine International Beauty Exhibition
Intercharm Ukraine
Venue: Kiev, Ukraine
Original time: 2020.9.22-24
Rescheduling time: 2020.9.16-18

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