Advantage comparison for Long nozzle aluminum collapsible tubes & Flat mouth aluminum collapsible tubes
2018-11-02 22:32:51

Advantage comparison for Long nozzle aluminum collapsible tubes & Flat mouth aluminum collapsible tubes
Aluminum collapsible is a type common packaging tubes in our daily life, include two main different mouth type: Long nozzle and Flat mouth, their manufacturing technique, tube’s type, filling content are different although they are same packaging aluminum tubes.

1. Covers:
Most of Long nozzle Aluminum tubes are open tip, with special plastic cover for optimal sealing.
The flat nozzle tube has two kinds of open tip and closed tip, and the open tip tube needs to be equipped with a special sealant cover to avoid the leakage of the filling cream and reduce the  probability that filling cream is deteriorated or rotted.

2. Mouth size:
Mouth of most of long nozzle tubes is usually smaller, and it is suitable for adhesives that require less filling and require precise sizing. The opening of the flat nozzle tube is generally larger and flat, include M7, M9, M11, M13, M15, and is used to fill general chemicals such as cosmetics, grease, remedy paste... etc.
3. Application
The tip of the long nozzle tube extends outwards longer, which is convenient for extruding the glue and directly coating it in the place where it needs to be used.
Flat mouth tube needs to be differentiated according to the product, such as cosmetic, hand cream... etc, can be directly squeezed out and then spread by hand, and similar to glue or grease ...etc., sometimes need to use cotton balls, scraping sticks to assist the application.
4. Volume
The commonly used long nozzle aluminum tubes has a small capacity, usually 3--15ml.
The flat mouth tube has a wide range of capacity, and the conventional size has 3-150ml.
5. Filling materials
The tip tube is poorly sealed and is often used to fill adhesives or greases that are not easily cured.
The flat mouth tube with sealed tip has a good sealing effect, and is commonly used to fill products that are important for sealing, such as pigments, hair color creams, toothpastes, pharmaceutical ointment... etc.

To use long nozzle aluminum collapsible tube or Flat mouth aluminum collapsible tube depends mainly on the nature of the filling materials, to meet the different needs of users, maintaining good sealing performance can take into account the convenience of users.

Therefore, don't underestimate these packaging materials, his material selection, size and shape design play a key role in product transportation, carrying and storage.

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