Best Pharmaceutical Tube Manufacturers
Collapsible Pharmaceutical Tube Packaging

Specifications: pharmaceutical aluminum tubes  1.Aluminum purity>99.7%  2.Diameter:13.5~40mm  3.Capacity:3g-170g ...

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PE Plastic Packaging tubes
PE Plastic Packaging tubes

Plastic tubes for cosmetics PE Plastic Packaging tubes   The tubes are suitable for cosmetic,, pharm...

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Plastic Cosmetic Tubes
Plastic Cosmetic Tubes

Plastic tubes for cosmetic 1.Material:PE,cosmetic tube  2.Usage: Cosmetics  3. ISO,SGS tested

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AL-plastic toothpast tubes
AL-plastic toothpast tubes

AL-Plastic laminated tubes AL-plastic toothpast tubes 1.Toothpaste tube is laminated tube  2. Various siz...

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